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“Tejal has helped me tremendously to break negative habits. I’ve created inner peace and joy that I never thought I could experience.”

Sonia Bajaj


“I’ve never meditated before, and what Tejal teaches is amazing. My anxiety has been so much better and I can feel myself releasing fears.  She is an amazing person, teacher, coach and mama!! I am planning on teaching my children these tools too.”

Mandy Scanlon


“Tejal is a breath of fresh air, infused with high energy!  She is a calming presence,  as well as a patient, thorough instructor.  Her passion for what she teaches is always felt. I am a much more mindful Mama because of her, and I could not be more grateful. “

Michelle Dunk

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“Practicing meditation with Tejal helped me feel more calm, release my stress and feel more peaceful. Thank you for this amazing experience!”

Carolina Miranda


“I have made a new life for myself, using the tools and wisdom that working with Tejal afforded me. I am an infinitely happier person.”

Gina Rosselli


“My pregnancy journey has been so positive because of Tejal’s guidance. Tejal’s perspective and approach to life helps me quickly shift out of fear and worry. She has helped me achieve my goal to have a clutter and anxiety free mind.”

Shachi Raval


“Tejal has helped me shift my train of thought. The meditation and mindfulness tools she blessed me with have changed my life.”

Mona Panchal


“Tejal’s compassion for mothers and children drives her ability to see the big picture and gently guide us to be more effective parenting and ultimately raise compassionate, peaceful children.  She instills the wisdom moms have been searching for to help them truly enjoy this life to the very depth of their being.  Moms have the power to transform future generations by breaking the self destructive patterns instilled by our ancestors…Tejal provides the map!”

Val Amaradio


My life changed the day I met Tejal. As someone who is a mindset and energy expert, it can be difficult to find teachers who can stretch my thinking to new levels. Tejal’s teachings not only expanded my awareness the first time we met, but she continues to expand my consciousness each time I have the opportunity to learn from her.

Kate Butler


“Tejal is a spiritual leader that has guts, ambition, intelligence, confidence, inner peace and self motivation. We all have untapped areas within us that want to grow and Tejal gives people that green flag to go and explore our inner world.”

Nisha Shah Varma

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