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May 16th, 2017 | no comments

Daily gratitude practice, count your blessings

Oprah made gratitude journals sexy. The Happiness Project made it easier to look for everyday blessings.

Gratitude is simply a genuine sense of appreciation for what you have and experienced in your life.

For many, a gratitude practice consists of being grateful for their children, families, warm beds, sunny days. And though all of these are EXTREMELY important blessings sometimes when we ramble them off as a list, without taking time to pause, reflect and allow the feeling of grace rise up from our soul and vibrate each cell of our body… It just becomes another thing you know you *should* do.

When you genuinely fill yourself up with the emotion of appreciation, it changes how you feel. You heal on a deep level and you change how you relate to life.

If you’re suffering from gratitude fatigue and tired of the same ole tips to count your blessings, you’ll love this blog. I’m sharing some wisdom that I learned from Melissa Binkley that is a subtle twist that will transform your gratitude practice AND transform your life!

I was so impressed with this twist that I applied it immediately and it has changed my life. It cleared out 25+ years of hurt and pain I was holding on to with my parents. It truly has helped me feel grateful for my challenges, for my parents and after a LONG time my childhood.


When I attended the Rock Your Voice Woman Live Event in NYC in the beginning of the year, I had the honor to hear certified transformational coach and soulistic mentor Melissa Binkley speak.

Melissa shared her story of how she had been raped in her hometown when she was younger. Years earlier when she drove past the home she was filled with rage and anger of what happened in the garage of that home. She screamed and threw up her middle fingers feeling enraged with how unfair life was.

Many years later, after Melissa had become a mom, her daughter had a track meet at her old high school. There she was after so many years driving past that home again. But this time, it was after her personal healing journey. She stopped in front of that home. With tears in her eyes, put her hands in prayer and humbly said Thank you. Thank you because if I hadn’t gone through that experience, I wouldn’t be the transformational coach I am today, helping thousands of other women find their voice and heal their past.

That same day she saw her high school coach who was the only person who supported her when the rape happened. She said, “I love you” nd he said, “Thank you. I’ve been following your journey and thank you for using your experience and your voice to powerfully help others.”

Melissa said “Gratitude is not just the power of counting your blessings. It’s the power of being able to be grateful for the horrible things that happen to you, and being able to heal from it. When we tap into gratitude on that level, it transforms us.  When we become a better person after the challenges and struggles we face, that’s authentic and REAL gratitude.”

I was moved by Melissa’s power of gratitude. I scanned the pain I was holding onto from my past and realized that it was minimal to some BIG things people go through, and if  Melissa could overcome her pain, I could too!

That’s the beauty of sharing our struggles. Hearing Melissa’s story gave me the courage to find grace and gratitude for my own challenges.

It’s not about comparing our stories to another, it’s about learning from the experiences of others.

gratitude practice with a twist

So try this new gratitude practice with a twist-

How can you feel grateful for the greatest pain and challenges you’ve experienced in your life?

Look to the greatest lessons they have taught you?

How can you help others?

Can you be of service to make a positive difference in the lives of others?

how did this work for me?

I had to ask myself how was being raised by a narcissist mom a good thing?

With all the spiritual work I did in my late 20’s, I finally got to the point of forgiveness for my mom. Through my past life regressions, I was able to find compassion for my mom. I understood the roles we played in each other’s lives in the past to understand what we had to learn in this life. I understood the karma we had to clear and I understand the deep pain my moms soul was carrying from many lifetimes… A heavy burden certainly to bare once I stepped into her shoes.

I got the forgiveness part down. So much so my forgiveness letter to my mom was published in a book – A Letter To My Mom alongside Christie Turlington, Ali Landry, Lisa Ling and Monica Lewinsky (uhh you need to get the book ASAP- it’s a real tear-jerker)

But something was missing from my journey. Though the victim-story disappeared, the pain still panged at times. Until I heard Melissa’s story I didn’t realize I didn’t have full grace and gratitude for the experience.

And until I could feel gratitude for the experience, I couldn’t fully step into my powerful role as the mindfulness and meditation teacher I could be.

As I meditated on how powerful my challenges have helped me become a greater woman, human being and soul, I asked myself how could I NOT be grateful for this relationship. Without the challenges, I wouldn’t be called at a young age to learn how to feel emotions or heal my anger. I wouldn’t have embarked on a spiritual journey at the age of 26 if my heart hadn’t cracked open.

And the god honest truth– I HAD to go through those experience because it’s through my personal experience of being raised by loving yet unmindful, constantly stressed and emotionally imbalanced and insecure mom— I know how a child feels… And that’s what prepared me to be the powerful mindfulness advocate, speaker and teacher I am today.

I’m grateful for my pain because it showed me how resilient, strong and powerful the human spirit of love can be when we forgive AND find gratitude for our challenges.

Now I want to hear from you in the comments below: 

Share with us one of your most challenging experiences you can now show gratitude for?

Go through the exercise, journal them out and go into your heart to seek the lesson from your most challenging pain. If you can’t seem to feel gratitude now. Don’t worry.

That means you are still in the midst of healing, growing, and evolving. Keep your intention on finding the gratitude from the pain and the healing will occur faster.

The more honest, vulnerable and open we are the more we give permission to others to heal their heart and share their truth. Write as many details as you can. Many mindful mamas come her for inspiration. Your experience may inspire them to go on their own healing journey.

Thank you so much for always listening with an open heart, for sharing your truth and being a radiant woman in our world.

I’m grateful for you every day for being part of my tribe.

Lots of gratitude,

gratitude practice

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