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November 29th, 2017 | no comments

Honesty time…

How often do you feel stressed out?

>> Anxious about the things you can’t control?

>> Frustrated when things don’t go your way?

>> Burned out because your life lacks balance?

Daily stress has become the status quo in our high-pressure, fast-paced lives.

So the more pressing question is this…

Are you proud of the way you respond to stressful situations?

Right now, the way you handle stress, not only affects your happiness, mood, and health.

It greatly impacts your children’s peace of mind too.

>> They absorb your stress.

>> Model your behaviors.

>> And carry those patterns into adulthood.

So are you showing them the right ways to cope with stress, disappointment, and difficult emotions?

Let’s face it… learning the right way to manage stress is hard AF!

Especially since we haven’t been taught a step-by-step strategy.

If we can’t figure it out, how the heck are we suppose to help our children?!

When faced with this challenge, most moms handle it in one of 3 ways:

  • They wing it and hope their stress magically goes away and their kids turn out alright.
  • They fly by the seat of their pants and aimlessly try anything. 
  • They choose to be intentional, learn the right tools + follow a proven roadmap to better manage their stress so they can be a positive influence on their kid’s too.

So what kind of mom are you?

But MORE importantly… What kind of a mom do you want to be?

I’m totally NOT judging you.

Coz’ I struggled with anxiety for most of my life.

I understand how uncomfortable and frustrating it is when you feel stuck.

I mean, we bust our butts to keep our kids safe, our homes clean(ish), do work we are passionate about and be the best mom and person we can be.

But we can’t escape the feeling like we are falling short when we are burned out, distracted or snappy with our loved ones.

Stress prevents us from living the deeply satisfying life we desire.

One where we are present, patient and feel peaceful.

So hows a busy mama suppose to better handle daily stressors that show up?


You learn how to slow down.

Yeah right, Tejal!

How is that even possible?!

Deep breath.

I know when you have a full schedule and you’re juggling work, being healthy, deadlines and family- the last thing you want to hear about is the benefit of slowing down.

But hear me out.

When we slow down, we become in tune with our body when it feels out of balance.

By recognizing when we are out of sync, we can quickly realign, with the right tools, before panic sets in.

Fortunately, I know a simple + effective 3 step stress relief strategy you can infuse into your life RIGHT NOW–to slow down, stop stressing and stay present. 

Sounds, super sexy right?! 

Before I dive into the nitty-gritty, I want you to be clear WHY it’s imperative to slow down when you feel stressed. 

Slowing down isn’t a matter of pace: it’s a matter of making space and bringing presence to the simple moments in front of us.

You see you can’t be present and feel stress at the same time. 

Ain’t possible darling. 

So that’s where the secret sauce of feeling more satisfied and less stressed begins.

Let me be clear, slowing down isn’t about adding an hour of yoga or 30 minutes of meditation every day. 

Nuh-uh we are strapped for time already. 

I’m talking about a practical, step-by-step strategy to infuse mindfulness into everyday moments of your life. 

This is about creating a lifestyle that allows us to detox stress and develop the stamina to better manage stressful situations.

I prefer to keep things straightforward and focus on three key steps when it comes to slowing down and stopping stress. 

1. Feeling Safe

2. Dumping Out Stress

3. Reclaiming Your Power

This process, is well, simple. It doesn’t take much time and best of all, it works like a charm.

The Simple  + Effective 3 Step Stress Relief Strategy 

Step 1. Feeling Safe


I bet you’re wondering, “What the heck does feeling safe have to do with feeling less stressed?”


The antidote to stress, when we are losing it, is to help our body feel safe.  

I don’t care if you’re 2 or 92…

When you’re having a  tantrum, anxiety attack or shutting down the best way to snap out of it is to help your body feel safe.

This is the step we’ve never been taught.

What have we been doing?

We numb the stress with wine and Netflix.

We try to “positive think” our way out of negative thoughts.

We deflect, blame and stay stuck in the victim story.

And no matter our greatest intention to feel better and do better…


So how do we make our bodies feel safe?

Let “nerdy lawyer Tejal”🤓 break it down.

Stress is activated when we fixate on a fearful thought, uncomfortable emotion or a situation triggers our fear.

When we believe there is a perceived threat, that’s when the fear leaves the mind and activates our body to go into panic mode.

For my science geeks out there, this is the onset of when our sympathetic nervous system gets activated and adrenaline and stress hormones like cortisol get secreted in our body. 

The sympathetic nervous system is our fight-flight-freeze mode and is responsible for our irrational actions.

Being in this constant state of *perceived fear* when there really is no threat is a huge waste of energy and put a tremendous amount of toxins in our body, which ultimately creates disease in the body and mind over time.

Unforuatntely in our highly distracted and constantly connected life- this is how we live everyday.

The first step is knowing how your mind and body responds when it starts to feel unsafe. 

Learn your unique stress pattern right here.

Good news!

Once you know your stress pattern, the tools I teach to feel safe and grounded work in as little as 90 seconds.

But if we don’t feel safe in time,  we all know what happens.

We possibly say or do regrettable things in this state of irrationality.

And later feel guilty.

That’s why you need a reset tool that will stop your fight-or-flight response and help you feel safe FAST.

Want to learn one of my fav safety tools?

Learn how to release stress + feel safe in just 90 secs

Why do my tools work?

Well cause they are ancient yogic techniques that are proven to activate your parasympathetic nervous system aka the reset and relax response.

For now, let’s take a moment to discuss when to practice safety tools. 

How to Infuse Into Your Schedule

Morning Reset – Before you start your day, ground yourself in the morning with a safety mindfulness tool or my 5 min Safe and Sound meditation (Get it here). Starting the ting the day from a calm baseline helps you  Start at a baseline of feeling calm and centered before you start your day.

Recommended for All 3 Stress Types especially those who get Burned Out from Busyness.  

Mid-Day Resets – practice anytime you feel overwhelmed, are about to snap or after you do snap. Use a safety tool for 60-90 secs to self-soothe and switch to calm and centered mode (aka activating your parasympathetic nervous system).

Recommended for All 3 Stress Types

So once you feel safe and grounded, let’s move on to the next step of natural stress relief. 

Next, it’s IMPERATIVE to dump out the stress hormones that have accumulated in your body.

Step 2. Dumping Out Stress

So after you feel safe and grounded, you may think that’s it. You’ve dodged a bullet.

This is where most people make a mistake.

When we feel any small relief, we think we are back to normal when the threat is over.


Once adrenaline, cortisol and our stress hormones have secreted, even though we shut them down from progressing, they are already in the bloodstream.

They don’t just go away.

That means we gotta detox and dump out those funky vibes so they don’t linger around and activate anxiety when another stressor comes along later.

Ever notice when you have a stressful morning you’re more likely to be impatient when any stressor comes up later in the day?

That’s cause those stress hormones are lingering around.

Our body hasn’t returned to true balance inside.

If we don’t dump those stress hormones, we start solidifying and hardwiring the fear pattern that activated us to feel unsafe.

Even thinking about the incident can activate our stress response even if there is no actual threat in front of us.

We all know exercise, dance and movement is a great way to release stress but sometimes you can only find relief by dumping out the energy NOW. 

You can’t just drop everything at that moment and head to the gym.

So what do you do?

You practice this in two ways.

How to Infuse Into Your Schedule

Mid-day Resets– Throughout the day when I feel I’ve absorbed negative energy from others, feel mentally drained, exhausted or consumed with negative thoughts, I do a stress dumping tool. **My fav places to do dump energy is the bathroom, while cooking, in the car before picking up my son from school and in my office.

Recommended for ALL Stress Types: But especially the Snapping when Stressed and Pressure to Please Mamas

Evening Reset – Before bed, I take 1-5 minutes to dump the stress and negativity from the day so it doesn’t affect my sleep and I don’t carry it into tomorrow.

Recommended for ALL Stress Types

If you’re wondering what stress dumping tools to practice, don’t fret.

I walk you through all the tools you need to better manage stress in just 7 minutes or less inside my program: The 7 Day Ditch Stress Detox. 

But more on that in a sec…

From there, the final step is where we truly see transformations unfold and we start living that deeply satisfying life we desire.  

This step is all about…  

Step 3. Reclaiming Your Power

This is where you let go of limiting beliefs, build self-worth, connect to your higher self and inner peace.

*fist pump*

Learning how to reclaim your power requires us to overturn one of the biggest myths we believe: Negative thoughts ARE BAD!

NO they aren’t.In fact, they have an important purpose.

In fact, they have an important purpose.

According to yogic science, we all have 3 minds. Negative, Positive and Neutral mind.

It’s easiest to think a negative thought first because our mind is hardwired to be able to perceive and flush out threatening and dangerous situations.

The problem is we dilly dally around this mind and keeps reinforcing our negative thoughts until they ignite panic.

But the way our mind is intended to function goes something like this.

We have a negative thought. We breathe to feel safe.

We move to our positive mind and ask ” Is this perceived threat putting me in imminent physical or emotional danger right now?”

Our positive mind flushes out rational and irrational fears.

Is this some random worst-case scenario that we are playing out in our head or is there any actual imminent threat that we need to take action. 

If there are is an actual threat our fight or flight will kick into gear.

But if there is no threat, we don’t want our flight-or-fight to get activated. We want our neutral mind to turn on.

When we move on to our neutral mind.

This is when we are connected to our intuition, infinite source energy and make confident decisions for the highest good of all involved.

This is the sweet-spot when our positive affirmations sink into our subconscious mind.

When manifesting really works. 

Our body feels calm, our mind is expansive and we are in the flow of the Universe. 

How to Infuse Into Your Schedule:

We can experience this level of deep peace and joy every day with just a short 3-5 minutes of meditation either in the morning or evening.

Studies show that we can’t manifest our desires in our thinking mind aka beta brain waves.

We have to go into our relaxation mind the alpha and theta brain waves which we can easily access through meditation.

This is the space you cultivate self-worth, self-compassion, empathy and deep confidence.

UNLESS you feel grounded and safe. You’ve dumped out all that low-vibe, draining thoughts and energy and you feel good in your body and mind, you can’t get to this space of healing and transformation.

This is all about reprograming your beliefs, reclaiming your worth. Believing you are enough.

And you’re a peaceful soul who is deserving of living a peaceful life with fleeting moments of stress.   

I break this all down for you inside The 7 Day Ditch Stress Detox, however, I just want to say this.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you have the power to slow down, stop stressing and stay present- TODAY.

You ARE worthy.

You DESERVE to feel your best.

You CAN transform your life.

And you can help your kids learn how to transform their life too.

Best of all, you only need to learn the right tools once and then it’s a matter of repeating the process over again and infusing them during everyday moments of your life.

Wanna get started and learn how simple it is to feel safe?

Try out one of my favorite instant stress relief tools.

Click that “Training video” button in the box below and get your hands on the videos I use anytime panic or anxiety sets in.

It’s for free!

So it’s kind of a no-brainer!

I use the tool all-the-freakin-time.

When I’m driving. Cooking. My son has a tantrum. During my 17 hours of natural drug-free delivery. (Yup! Used it then too!)

If you’re truly ready to take charge and ditch stress and create a deeply satisfying life, here is your next step.

Learn 7 powerful, life-changing mindfulness tools and mediations, modernized and broken down into easy-to-digest techniques to fit your busy life by joining my  7 Day Stress Detox program.

No more guessing.

Or flying by the seat of your pants. 

Let me show you exactly the right tools, what to do and when to practice. 

It would be a great privilege to help you better manage stress so you can live the deeply satisfying life you deserve and raise the first generation of mindful children.

In motherhood + mindfulness,


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