press_img02Tejal V. Patel is a former divorce attorney turned Mindfulness Advocate. She’s a mindful mama coach, kids and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher and motivational speaker.

Tejal’s totally practical and fun way to infuse mindfulness + meditation into motherhood makes her go-to resource for modern mamas seeking calmness in the midst of parenting chaos.

Her mission is to help a million mamas infuse mindfulness and meditation into their life, so they can raise the first generation of mindful children and next generation of peace leaders.

Named a “Well-being Warrior” in The Huffington Post, Tejal’s soulful wisdom reaches a global community of women through her signature online course, The Mindful Mama Experience, inspirational articles, booming online community, motivating Tejal.TV episodes, powerful live events, and laser-sharp coaching.

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Looking for an engaging, heart-centered, inspirational speaker?

Someone who possesses an authentic “realness” that is felt through her smile and has a powerful energetic presence? A captivating speaker who infuses the audience with positive energy, gets people motivated and lights up a room?

Then you need to invite Tejal to speak at your next event or workshop. 


Tejal V Patel is a dynamic, motivational speaker with a down-to-earth style that leaves you feeling her vulnerability, deep passion, and genuine kindness.

She gives her audience major “aha moments” by unapologetically sharing her truth and giving you a new perspective on shifting the challenges in your life.

Whether in front of an audience of 500 modern women looking to create a peaceful family dynamic, 50 school teachers trying to infuse mindfulness into their classrooms or a small group of children eager to learn yoga and meditation, it’s Tejal’s mission to positively impact others so they walk away feeling lighter and inspired to incorporate mindfulness into their life


The Mindful Mama Experience – Becoming the Most Present, Patient and Peaceful Mama You Desire To Be Tejal’s signature mindfulness technique specifically designed for busy mamas is taught through inspirational teachings and experimental learning. Participants will learn:

  • My signature 3 Step Daily Reset Plan to effortlessly infuse quick 1-minute peaceful pauses throughout your busy day.
  • How to establish a consistent 3-minute Kundalini meditation practice.
  • Learn quick mindfulness resets to practice in the moment to feel calm and centered in the midst of life’s chaos.
  • Ways to become present in 60 seconds or less to fully enjoy the ordinary, beautiful moments of your life.

The Mindful Beginnings Program: Infusing Yoga and Mindfulness Into the Classrooms  Tejal’s specifically designed curriculum will train Preschool through Elementary school educators how to infuse simple classroom-friendly yoga and peaceful pauses throughout the school day. This experiential and educational instruction will teach participants:

  • Simple, age-appropriate mindfulness tools to help children better manage stress, handle difficult emotions and build confidence and compassion for themselves and others.
  • Tools to improve classroom management while cultivating a peaceful and positive environment
  • Identify appropriate mindful breaks that can be incorporated in the midst of busy school days.
  • Ways to build emotional intelligence and infuse brain-balancing activities into classroom.

Finding Calmness In The Midst of Parenting Chaos This inspirational talk and experiential instruction will teach participants:

  • Stress-reduction practices that easily infuse into a busy life.
  • How to savor the simple moments of your life.
  • Ways to stay calm and centered throughout the day.
  • How to be in control of responses to stressful situations rather than reacting negatively.
  • How to fully savor the simple moments of your life.

Raising the First Generation of Mindful Children This inspirational talk and experiential instruction will teach participants:

  • How to teach and practice mindful breathing techniques with your children
  • Simple mindfulness meditations and how to practice with your kids
  • Ways to raise compassionate and empathic children
  • Learn mindfulness mantras to help build your children’s confidence and self-love

Other topics can be customized to your audience. Contact us below.

If you are interested in having Tejal speak at your next event or workshop – please contact us or email with Subject: Speaking Inquiry.


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