Can you remember a day when being a mom WAS hard?

It’s the day when you’re sleep deprived and you’re impatiently counting down the minutes until your crying baby goes to sleep. Or when you lose your temper at your incessantly whining 2-year-old. Maybe it’s the day when all you can think about is your endless to-do-list and you completely zone out when your child is talking to you.

Afterwards, you feel a deep heart-wrenching guilt.

You have a blessed life, but the daily rushing from task-to-task, is distracting you from fully paying attention to the simple moments of your life. 

Sounds familiar right?

You are NOT alone.

Like you, I have a filled-to-the-brim schedule.

I’m a work-at-home mom, running my dream coaching business… in between diaper changes, making home-cooked (sometimes Taco Bell) meals and Target runs.

But today, I have significantly fewer anger outbursts, stressed-out “I don’t have enough time” moments and I’ve learned how to RESET and quickly feel calm when I do feel overwhelmed.

So, how can you do that for yourself?

There is something you gotta know…

Mindfulness isn’t a fad or hot-buzz word. It’s the new way of joyful living for modern mamas.

And trust me, radiant beauty, you are capable of breaking the “busy” addiction, feeling balance and creating a peaceful family dynamic. (even if you don’t believe it yet).

I don’t want you to wake up in 18 years wondering “Where did the time go?” Wishing you gave your family more of your undivided attention.

I’m going to teach you how to make the most of every moment of your life (the good, bad and ugly).

Because when you learn how to fully relish the pleasant moments and confidently handle the unpleasant ones, you become a more peaceful and deeply satisfied person.

That’s where I come in.



I help the frustrated, the lost and the uber stressed-out mama effortlessly *sneak* small moments of calm throughout their busy day, without sacrificing their precious time.

Whether you are a first-time mom struggling to balance motherhood without  “losing yourself”, you’re seeking to stay centered while raising young children or you want tips to help your children stay calm during meltdowns-you’re in the right place.

It’s my mission to help mamas learn simple ways to stress less, live more mindfully and raise mindful children.

We hear a lot about being “present” and how “mindfulness” is so important but we aren’t shown how to incorporate it in our fast-paced, day to day lives… Well, the search is over.

I’ll set you up with actionable tools and invaluable skills, you can immediately use, to create a more peaceful family– but more importantly, a more peaceful YOU.


This is my sacred space for sharing practical, life-changing teachings that fit into your modern lifestyle.

Our greatest desire is to raise children who calmly handle stress, teenagers who openly communicate and adults who are confident and compassionate. But we can’t teach our kids what we don’t practice first.

I’m gonna help you *officially* walk the walk and talk the talk.  

It’s time to shed excuses, break negative patterns, transform our life and empower our children.

Are you ready to join the Mod-Zen Mama tribe?


Wanna Know My Story?

To the world, I’m known as an inspiring writer, meditation expert, kids mindfulness guru, soulful mama, fashionista and spicy Indian woman.

I’m basically that smiley chick who can be found chatting up with the cashier at the grocery store or the 4-year-old in line.

I’m a free-spirited, truth seekin’, spiritual advocating, green juice lovin’, nature appreciating, world traveler with a love of boho-chic fashion, who is living an amazing mod-zen lifestyle.

But I wasn’t always on this path.

In my “past life” so to speak, I was a free-spirited, approval seekin’, legal advocating, cute boy lovin’, binge drinkin’, club hopping, party girl who was living a materialistic lifestyle.


When I was 5.

Don’t let those sweet eyes and kind smile fool you. That 5-year old was harboring a deep, dark secret.

What I know for sure is when parents are chronically stressed, distracted and lack self-love, it affects the inner peace of their children. I also know that when the seeds of mindfulness and meditation are taught to young children, it is a skill they will come back to when the time is right.

Interestingly, my dad taught me meditation for the first time when I was 5 years old. The thing is once my dad fell off his meditation practice, so did I.

It was only at 27, I returned back to the meditation practice that was planted in my childhood. In my dark night of the soul, I found the tools of meditation, and mindfulness to help cope with anxiety, anger rages and low self-esteem I had been experiencing since I was a child.

I felt more calm and confident than ever before. And then I began to wonder…

“Why the heck aren’t we teaching children these tools at homes and classrooms at a young age?”

Well, I did something about it!!


Ten years ago I left my career as a divorce attorney and started planting the seeds of meditation and mindfulness in kids (Ages 3-10) through my Yoga Birdies: Yoga for Youth classes and later created my Mindful Beginnings Curriculum I now teach in schools.

It brought me such joy knowing I would be making a positive impact in these kids lives. But I had an epiphany…

Children will only embody the tools of mindfulness and meditation if their parents and teachers continue to practice and reinforce the tools.

I’m just one person and can only make a small impact. But TOGETHER we can create the #kidsCANmeditate movement.

And that’s why I wrote the Meditation for Kids book. So all my greatest tools to teach meditation to kids can be brought to YOUR home, classroom and community.


Everything I teach, I’ve practiced myself.

Mindfulness and meditation have been a part of my motherhood journey from the moment I got pregnant with my first son.

But I’ll be real… After the first few weeks of navigating the 24/7 demands of a newborn, it became clear that a daily thirty-minute meditation practice was no longer in my near future.

I’d have to wait 18 years before I would have the luxury of my own-time again. But I needed my mindfulness practice more than ever, but I just didn’t have the same time to devote to it every day.

So I got creative.

I learned how to turn everyday moments into an opportunity to practice mindful breaks. I started weaving my mini meditations and breathing practices during tasks I was already doing.

These mini-moments were my lifelines and simple reminders to reconnect to my center.

But the most amazing thing is that motherhood has been unlike most others.

>>I had energy because I knew how to boost my energy on command.

>>I felt sane because I knew how to quickly calm down before I become overwhelmed.

>>I felt confident that I had tools to handle any challenge life threw at me.

I am proud to say that I now live a peaceful life with fleeting moments of stress.

And you ready for the icing on the cake- my 2-year-old son practices daily deep breathing. My hubby created his own mindfulness practice and my parents started meditating at the age of 65.

I believe all the anxiety I experienced in my childhood, anger rage in my twenty’s put me on a relentless search to find healing tools to better manage stress and find the secrets to create a deeply satisfying life.

I’m not special. I want to help you feel more calm, confident and centered too. But you have to want this for yourself too.


pressphoto02@2x I’m here to serve YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

My biz is built on love for children. A passion to create a new motherhood experience based on empowerment, balance, and self-worth. And a deep commitment to being a positive example for future generations.

Through my free content, my paid online training programs and anything else I might offer — I’m in this to make a positive impact in the lives of families. To help you build a life that you truly love. And experience a better quality of life that reflects peace, happiness, and deep satisfaction.

So yes this is a business and yes to help you go deeper and have bigger breakthroughs it requires you to have the courage and self-love to investment in yourself, but I’m confident that my courses and programs will help transform your life.

Yes, I’m deeply grateful to earn a living doing something I’m passionate about. But you should know that the majority of my information is FREE- (For more info about my mamapreneur biz read this.)

I’m committed to openly sharing a real and honest perspective of my life with all my struggles, mistakes and successes. I don’t claim to know it all. I’m not always happy. And I’m certainly not perfect.

So definitely expect some truthful (not-so-pretty) glimpses into my life (that I only share through my newsletter and Instagram.

Expect thought-provoking inspiration, timeless wisdom, clear and simple tools and unwavering support to help you live your most balanced, peaceful and meaningful life.


Even though I run a digital company, I try to spend as much time “offline” as possible to mindfully connect with my life.

When I’m “OFFLINE”, you’ll find me flipping through an oracle card deck, doing a HIIT workout, watching a Bollywood movie, having deep convo’s with my soul sisters or spending quality time with my family.


If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship.  I’m thrilled to be connected and excited for the journey ahead.

With all my love,





I have a raging love affair with parakeets. My childhood pet was TJ and my most recent pet was Mili. They were both trained and had loving personalities. I truly believe they were my earth angels.


I’m obsessed with my birthday which is September 21. When I see 9:21 on the clock I say happy birthday to myself. It reminds me to celebrate my life.


My favorite miracle was when I was 8 & my bird TJ flew away. I was the only one who believed she was still alive. 2 1/2 weeks later she found her way back home. =)


My dream is to live bi-coastal. I would love to have a home in Newport Beach, CA, overlooking the ocean, and my current country home in South Jersey.


My personality is a mix of Monica Gellar, Rachel Greene, and Phoebe Buffay. I’m a hyper-obsessive, clean-freak like Monica. I love fashion like Rachel and am eclectic like Phoebe. (I love aromatherapy, midi-rings and psychics.)


I’m probably the only Indian kid who got kicked out first in the 4th-grade spelling bee. (I totally didn’t get the genius Indian gene but I got the super spiritual old soul genes.)



My favorite place is Cinque Terra, Italy. It’s a sacred place where it’s easy to be mindful. With the fresh flavors of pesto and olive bread, the natural beauty of the ocean and simple living- it’s a hidden gem.


My full name, Tejal Vasudev Patel, which means Radiant Light of God.



Making soulful and deep connections, with mamas like you, is what inspires me.

CONNECT: Come find me on Facebook, Instagram where I hang out (when I’m online). I’d love for you to say hi and share your mod-zen lifestyle by tagging us at #ModZenMama

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