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January 8th, 2021 | no comments

Recently I was interviewed for a magazine and was asked what I believe the newest holistic and wellness trend for 2021 will be?

Without a blink of an eye I said.. “Breathwork Will Become The New Kale”

This isn’t some quippy and cute self-help slogan. I’m gonna break down why I believe just like yoga, breathwork is the new major spiritual wellness trend.

Breathwork is the latest growing sensation that’s becoming mainstream like sushi and as popular as kale.

Just like kale is the superfood for the body, breathwork is the superfood for your body, mind AND soul.

Whether we believe it or not, our breath is quite powerful.

A ten-year old monk said it best in Jay Shetty’s book Think Like A Monk. “When you get stressed—what changes? Your breath. When you get angry—what changes? Your breath. We experience every emotion with the change of the breath. When you learn to navigate and manage your breath, you can navigate any situation in life.”

Breathwork is no longer reserved for kombucha-drinking, meditation junkies. This ancient teaching has gained a ton of credibility—and popularity—as a healing tool.

While various breathing practice have been around for centuries, science is just beginning to provide evidence that the benefits of this ancient practice are real. Studies have found that breathing practices can help reduce symptoms associated with anxietyinsomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and attention deficit disorder.

And all my TYPE A parents out there who ever said I suck at meditation, I can’t sit still, I don’t have time to mediate, my brain can’t shut off, breathwork is going to be your ride or die. Coz’ breath work resets can be weaved throughout your day and you’ll be in control to shift your energy and mood on command.

In 2020 and the first 7 days of 2021 alone, we have been MORE triggered than ever due to the changes, loss, chaos from the Covid, quarantine, elections, BLM movement or most recent Capitol terrorism living in a heightened stressed flight-or-fight state is the new normal.

Since we are feeling stressed on a daily basis, we need an antidote on a daily basis as well. There is no escaping our life with fancy vacations, I mean many of us have been thrust into full-time working and parenting mode for the first time, it’s a lot. A weekly mani/pedi appointment or monthly massage ain’t gonna cut it.

And we are realizing eating well and exercise alone IS NOT enough to combat the anxiety, rage, hopelessness, sadness, grief we are experiencing.


This isn’t about the generic, one-size-fits all “Just take 3 deep breaths” advice. This popular and played out self-help slogan has been over simplified and that advice just isn’t thorough and complete.


Here’s the scoop about breathwork and what science has to say about this up and coming wellness practice.

Breathwork is controlled, conscious breathing done in a rhythmic pattern which helps reset the nervous system and reduce the stress response. I like to call this MINDFUL breathing because it needs your attention and it’s a systematic and intentional way of changing your breath pattern.

So effin cool right. We thought that the secret to overcoming our stress was outside of us, but all along the antidote is right in front of us. It’s our breath.

It’s much different than the breathing just happens automatically without us knowing. The sort or unconscious breathing triggers our flight or flight.  When we focus our attention on shifting our breath pattern we give our mind and anchor to slow down as we slow down our body and breath.

Ancient yogi’s and buddhists knew this thousands of years ago. That stillness through meditation and breathwork through pranayama was the key to living a balanced, easeful and peaceful life.

Over the last 20 years, science is now proving the physiological benefits that happen from slow rhythmic breathing, It resets our nervous system, it changes our brain, our heart rate, blood pressure, inflammation decrease. These aren’t boring facts. These changes is what keeps diseases, illnesses and stress away.

In my experience of learning breathwork from my Kundalini teacher and practicing regularly I’ve experienced tingling sensations in my body, feelings of clarity, alertness, immense lightness and even emotional purging of childhood trauma, pain and grief. 

What I’ve learned is that each breathwork pattern helps move out different emotions and creates a different shift in mood. Some are energizing, some create mental alertness, some clear out the mind while others help detox intense emotions.


There are many types of breathwork practices, some ranging from fairly basic and easy to do at home, to others requiring a practitioner to teach you the practice.

Some breathwork practices are rooted in yogic traditions such as Pranayama or the breath and movement sequences of Kundalini yoga. Other breathwork practices are entirely secular and were developed to help people heal their minds or bodies or even to withstand extreme physical conditions.

As a student and teacher of Kundalini yoga and meditation the breathwork I practice, teach my mom clients and kids is rooted in ancient yogic wisdom of pranayama.

Breathwork is a skill that even children as young as 4 can start learning. It’s one of THE most important tools I like to empower my mom clients with so they can take charge of their emotions, stress and mood.

Are you intrigued to be at the forefront of the newest growing wellness trend?

If you’re ready to learn more, I’m ready to teach you.

Learn more about my one-on-one breathwork sessions by emailing me at Tejal@TejalVPatel.com

Lets chat about how I can support you in building a life-changing breathwork practice.

If you’ve felt any amount of overwhelm, stress, anxiety and you don’t know how to shake it, then these are the tools your soul is calling for you to learn. They won’t just go away on your own. And you can’t think your way out of the problem like you might have done in the past.

Send me an email (tejal@tejalvpatel) and lets talk more about how you can learn breathwork now.

I’m so excited to connect with YOU!




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