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August 1st, 2017 | 25 comments

Current research estimates the average American spends more than half of their waking life staring at a screen.

Learning to unplug is vital, but it’s also hard to deny the benefits we gain from our devices.

In a world where modern day conveniences are at the touch of a finger, is it possible to strike a balance between connectivity and consciousness?

Here’s the harsh truth.

The negative psychological, social and cultural impact is real. Our ability to stay balanced in this time of technological growth and create healthy relationships with our digital devices, will determine the future of humanity.

So it’s not a matter of choice. Things NEED to change for us to feel more balanced, whole and connected.

No matter how important your phone is to your work and life we need to start developing a new social etiquette and raising awareness around harmful habits while sharing the importance of mindfulness.

The problem isn’t the gadgets. It’s our dependency to them.

And when I did 11 days no phone COLD-TURKEY, I learned a lot about my dependency to my phone. But also why integrating back to using my digital devices was more challenging than being without it.

The real obstacle is finding the right balance for ourselves, creating firm boundaries with our children and educating them on the harmful effects of too much screen time on their developing brain and lifestyle as they grow up.

If you struggle with creating some space with your digital devices, this 3-step daily method will help release your dependency with your devices and help you create your own daily detox with ease.

In this TejalTV episode, you’ll learn three simple ideas you can apply to your current life that can transform the way you approach disconnecting from your devices you so you can re-connect with your family and the present moment.

In fact, if you really embrace these ideas you can set the stage for future generations to remain connected to themselves, others and digital devices with balance and ease.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you the comments below. I’m curious…

What is one specific detox step from this episode can help you create a healthier relationship with your phone? And how many days will you commit to building this practice?

Remember, I read and respond to every comment so please join the conversation with me. We all can learn so much from your truth, your story and journey. Don’t deny us the amazing opportunity to get to know you…

We are more globally connected than ever before, but life in the digital age is far from ideal.

The ones you love and your community greatly benefit from your presence. Stay deeply connected to your truth, others, nature and the world at large by fully entering into the moment, without your phone.

If you have friends, family or colleagues who struggle with being on the phone too much, please share this post with them by clicking the social media links below.

Let’s make digital detoxes a new movement for our ourselves and our family.

With all my love,


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25 people have commented
  1. Thank you for this video! Would you please list the name of the app and alarm clock you suggest? It was hard for me to hear it clearly with kiddos in the background 😜 Also, Id love if you included transcripts with your vlogs!

    • Moment app and the alarm clock is from now-zen.com… Ohh transcripts they are too distracting for me and I’m not a fan so unfortunately that probably won’t be happening. haha Sorry! xoxo

  2. Such a beautiful blog! I know I am a phone/computer addict – and yet there is so much more to life! Thank you for helping us take a step back and focus on what’s around us, and not on just a small screen!

    • Hey Ashley!! You are so not alone! I think we’ll definitely start hearing more about this as phone addiction is researched more. I so deeply honor you for the awareness that you have an addiction. I think we all do to some varying degree. It’s like putting a kid in a candy store for the first time and expecting them not to get enticed and walk away with a sugar high hahaha. It was inevitable! But as we start getting tired of feeling we are always rushing, strapped for time and missing the simple moments of our life, we’ll get our act together as a collective humanity…

      I recently saw this quote– Do more things that stop you from looking at your phone!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend with “phoneless” adventures!

  3. I really love this, and I like how you say, we are all learning together (no experts). “Like it was the 80s again” hahaha! I love the phone down time, and I am going to work to implement that! Example between 18h00 – 2000 no phones!I also like the app but am struggling to download due to my operating system. What i typically do on a weekend, when I am playing with my kids I leave my phone in another room.

    • The leaving the phone in the other room is so huge! If it’s not in our eye sight we are less likely to check it. There was this study that said that even having the phone in the room with a friend with the screen down but on the table was a big deterrent to deep connection. There is this inherent knowing that if the phone is out and there is a bing, there is a moment where the connection will be lost. How crazy is that?! Keep me posted if you try any of the other detox methods!

  4. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ll log out of Facebook, only to jump right back on because I’m bored or don’t want to miss out on anything. I’m definitely committing to a digital detox for at least a week to see how it feels!

    • I used to do that to and was like what why the heck am I even on here again?!!

      I’m so proud of you for committing to a week and seeing how it feels. Be gentle even just the awareness that you are “trolling” is huge. So don’t get discouraged if you still have the same patterns after week one. I feel like monitoring through the Moment app is even great for a week. They have a 14 day free coach that gives you daily challenges that will really help you infuse mindfulness around phone use to the next level… Def come back Cassandra and let me know how it’s going!!

  5. Thank you! This is so true and frustrating when others don’t realize their dependency on devices. We must make a conscious decision to unplug and live in the presence of each other

  6. I absolutely loved this! I really like the idea of blocking off a specific time of day to disconnect. And I need that alarm clock! Thanks for sharing these tips! XO

    • Thanks so much for watching Amanda!! They have a cheaper version than the alarm clock I got too without the chime function. I feel like any sort of alarm click ( ya know going back to the 90’s hahah is so much healthier…

  7. Thanks for this post and the advice for disconnecting. I’m pretty new to blogging, only about three months in, but I know I’m spending much more time on my phone and things like Instagram since I’ve started this. I definitely need to find some ways to disconnect and not be as concerned about my numbers, followers, comments, etc!

    • Being an online business women and life coach I find the same struggle. I love connecting with mamas but the days too much in front of the computer I feel it by 5 PM. My energy and attention is drained… Every day is a journey in finding the right balance right?!

  8. I try to disconnect for two hours each evening, before putting our daughter to bed. She deserves my undivided attention! It’s hard and I’m not perfect, but it’s my goal.

  9. Definitely need to get better at this! I make sure not to take my phone if we’re going on walks and I try to leave it in another room so I don’t think about it as much!

  10. This is so true about society now. Everyone cannot be away from their phone. I know some who have multiple phones so they are always connected. After reading this me and my husband made a deal no phone use once we enter the house. It’s quality time as a family. It’s going pretty good ao far. It feels like I am getting to know him all over again.

    • That’s soo amazing Man!! I love that you and you hubby both are on the same page!! My hubby has an Iwatch so it’s harder for him to unplug. That and he runs 3 businesses so he always has people calling him…

      I’m soo soo soo THRILLED to hear that you guys are connected so deeply.. Possibly the secret to a happy marriage?! hehe You discovered it! Keep me posted as you keep going what you experience!

  11. I, too, find myself dependant on my device. I use it as my planner, calendar, work. I used to use a pen and paper planner, but I discovered that it was difficult to carry a planner with me after having kids (there’s so much to bring for them already!) A lot of times, believe it or not, it’s not for leisure – it’s for work or things with the kids. I do chat with my besties as well, so that counts towards leisure but my dependancy on it is for other reasons. Call this denial but I think it’s ok to use devices if it’s for ease of running your family’s and your own lives.

    • I totally hear you! My hubby has to use his phone for work a lot too cause he like you uses it as a planner, calendar etc. So that TOTALLY makes sense. And honestly I don’t count talking to your besties addiction to phone time. I feel like we SHOULD be talking on the phone like we used to back in the day. We don’t do it as much.. Sooo kudos for you to use the phone for what it’s ACTUAL purpose is!! xoxo

  12. This is such a timely subject. I feel that once I started blogging me and my phone became one and subsequently my husband is also on his phone all the time too! I have started trying to detox on technology as much as possible on the weekends but I agree a good balance is needed yet hard to achieve!

    • Oh yes I feel you on that!! When you’re a blogger or an online business entrepreneur it’s so hard to find the balance. Each day is different but I think as long as we are conscious of it, we’ll be able to create our own healthy boundaries.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s always great have such reminders. Despite my mission to be present when I first started blogging instagraming, I had a funny reality check moment when my daughter literally fell into a toilet because I was on my phone!!! 😂 And since then I’ve been trying more and more to be organized with my device time.

    • hahah it’s so funny how life keeps us in check like that!! =) I feel you… When you’re a blogger or a online entrepreneur it truly is the hardest balance of digital devices and being able to shut off. One of my biggest struggles too!

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