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October 3rd, 2017 | no comments

Parents are the greatest experts on raising their children. We know what to do to treat colds and diaper rash. We know what foods to avoid before bedtime and how many hours of sleep they need to function.

But surprisingly the one area of the child we barely know anything about that is 100% responsible for their behavior is their brain.

The brain plays a role in every aspect of a child’s life discipline, decision making, relationship self-awareness, emotions and so on but we lack the skills to help our children recognize and understand how to express emotions appropriately.

Owning that we weren’t parented with our brain development in mind- means we are using new techniques in parenting that weren’t likely to be used when we were growing up.

In order for our children to understand that emotions are safe. Feelings are sacred and should be expressed, we need the right tools to build that awareness.

No matter what you know about the brain, there’s a genius 4 step game you can play with your kids that increases your chances of helping your children understand emotions and self-regulate naturally.

This science-backed tip for helping kids integrate their emotions is the focus of today’s TejalTV.

You’ll learn a 4 part technique to help your children engage with their emotions and balance their brain. Plus as a bonus I’ll share my 3 favorite books to help learn about emotions I use when teaching my Mindful Beginnings Curriculum in schools.

Now I’d love to hear from you. 

Share when you’ll try practicing this tool with your children and commit to at least 14 days. State your commitment here so we can hold you accountable. 

Be honest, open and write your truth.  A written commitment is a signed and seal contract to the Universe that you are ready, willing and determined to create a new change in your life.

Thank you as always for tuning into my show, sharing your experiences and allowing me the privilege to share with you.

If you have mama besties who would be interested in helping their children build emotional intelligence, please share this post with them. They will truly be grateful and so will I.

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