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March 27th, 2018 | no comments

You royally effed up.

Now you are cowering  in bed with the sheets covered over your head as you watch Real Housewives and  eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream.

We’ve all had that foot-in-mouth, heart-in-stomach moment where you make an embarrassing mistake that disappoints others.

Those stressful moments give permission to your inner mean girl to have free reign to make you feel like shit.

Even worse you wonder how the heck are you going to apologize?

Have you stopped to think rather than beating yourself up about the mistake that you can’t change, what if you focused all that energy on creating the most authentic apology?

What I mean is, numbing, avoiding and saying mean things to yourself isn’t going to make you feel better or the situation disappear, why not give an honest and heartfelt apology that will stop all the drama?

But apologizes are embarrassing. Uncomfortable and just as akward as blind dates.

What do you say to make an apology meaningful when sorry won’t cut it?

How can you stop yourself from blaming others for your mistakes, minimizing others feelings or becoming defensive?

And most importantly how do you stop the guilt, shame and self-loathing that stresses you out after the mistake is made.

That’s exactly what I’m jamming on in today’s TejalTV episode.

Let’s take away the stress and anxiety around apologies shall we?

Itching to know how I goofed up and how you can give authentic apologizes (without the uncomfortable pauses and akward silences)?

You know what to do.

Biggest Takeaways from this videO:

  1. The best question to ask yourself to stop yourself from spiraling into negative self-talk, obsessing and stressing about what others think once you made an embrassing mistake.
  2. How to own your actions without blaming, deflecting or minimizing others feelings.
  3. Most powerful way to avoid drama and defensiveness when apologizing.


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