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February 20th, 2019 | no comments

It’s 7:55 a.m. and my three-year-old is happily and very S-L-O-W-L-Y eating the pancakes he was adamant I make. I’m not happy, knowing that we need to get out of the door in 10 minutes.

I get stern.

He senses my impatience and stops eating altogether. “Fine if you don’t eat you’re going to school hungry,” I threaten.

“No mommy he screams!”

I angrily stuff a few bites of pancakes in his mouth quickly put on his socks, shoes and rush him into the car. Now we are both on edge and unhappy.

I know Ayaan can feed himself, but my blood pressure starts to spike watching his stalling shenanigans, and I often end up doing things for him to avoid being late.

Sound familiar?

So many of us use “parenting to just get through the day” approach. We try to control everything because things go faster and smoother. (or does it?)

“Habitually doing things for your child that they are capable of doing themselves sends an inadvertent message that you don’t have confidence in their abilities”

The outcome is a child who lacks independence, self-esteem and problem-solving skills and who can’t—or won’t—do age-appropriate tasks.

This is sometimes called “learned helplessness.” and we become a self-imposed overworked maid.

The constant nagging, rushing, reminding and micro-managing ends up leading to power struggles and fractured relationships with our kids.

Yes I know we are faster, better, neater so it’s just easier if I do everything but we strip them of their ability to learn healthy habits.

I can relate to this personally because as a former control freak, I’ve had to work on patience to teach my son life skills instead of just doing everything for him.

Kids don’t need a maid, however, they do need to feel confident, capable, self-sufficient and feel like they have  control over some part of their life.

Which means less things on our plate! 💃🏽 #happydance

In this TejalTV episode, you’ll learn my tips to train your child to be more independent.

Ready to dive in?

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  1. Start building a consistent routine with your kids in a fun way with the Octopus by Joy Watch…
    Building Daily Routine
  2. Here is an example of the Morning and Evening Routine Sheets I made for Ayaan. Make your own routine sheets on Canva.or you can download a copy of the ones I used for Ayu.

Daily Routine Sheets

Teaching Kids to Be independent

  1. Learn the less is more approach to raising respectful, responsible and resilient kids with Vicki Hoefle’s Duct Tape Parenting book.



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