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February 13th, 2017 | no comments

So you want a super awesome tool for kids with anger to help your children in those moments of anger, frustration and can’t reason with them moments?

Well, you don’t have to create a power struggle anymore. And quite honestly it’s pointless to try to reason with a 6-year-old when they are feeling upset.

That’s when this handy dandy Anger Catcher comes in.

I’m not even pretending to take credit for this. But https://www.homestoriesatoz.com is GENIUS! And I know my students in my Mindful Beginnings Classes think so too.

So let’s play the scenario out.

Your 6-year-old is upset cause you didn’t let them do something they wanted to do. They are pouting in the corner.

Calmly say, I see you’re feeling angry. I’m so sorry you are feeling yucky inside, should we get your anger catcher to help you take away your anger?

So this is a 50/50 gamble. They may yes, and they may say bug off. But I got a game plan for each scenario.

Say they oblige and want to play the anger catcher game with you. Great – grab your anger catcher and have them pick a number. This is the number of deep breaths they are going to take. It’s likely you’ll probably need these breaths too to say calm, so go ahead and do it with them. After you are done, you are open and close the anger catcher that many numbers of times.

Then have them pick a color. Now you are going to close your eyes, take a deep breath in and envision you are breathing in that color. On your second breath in you are going to envision a bubble in that color protecting you. On the last breath in envision how that color makes you feel. For younger kids, just breathing in the color or creating a bubble protector is enough to do. No need to bog them down with too many things.

After that is done, spell out the color while opening and closing the catcher and have them pick another color. This time this is the color you are going to open up. Underneath is a calming activity they can do.
I’m pretty sure by the time they get to this they’ll start to get chilled out.

Now say they said No mom. Well, that’s cool. That means they are still riding out the emotion. Give them space!! They may want to use the anger catcher themselves without you around. They may want to pout and be angry in the corner, just give them space to ride-out their emotions without minimizing how they are feeling or marking them feel bad about it. Of course, this is within reason. If they are harming themselves, others or property you gotta intervenes like Superwoman. You can always try again in a few minutes or maybe this maybe a time that the anger catcher doesn’t come to the rescue.

Whatever happens is all good. Go with the flow and have no expectations.

The key for this to be successful though is making sure you are practicing the anger catcher when they are NOT feeling angry. That’s the only way they will understand how it works, be more inclined to try it and use it.

I know, I know. You’re asking where is this darn anger catcher.

Here it is my friends.


Color it with your kids and play your heart out. Please note, the instructions listed above are my improvised version to help your child get some calm breathing and mindful pauses in. It’s not the actual instruction on the sheet.

Trust me, their tool for kids with anger is awesome, but my instructions are better. Plus they are kid-tested and approved to make them feel calm =)

Now I want to hear from you,

If you try this out with your child, I’d LOVE to hear what your kids with anger thought about it. Share in the comments below!

Thanks so many mamas for always having an open-heart.



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