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December 10th, 2020 | no comments

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to inspire and give gifts that help your child practice mindfulness and meditation.

Well cause Santa is bringing the gifts right?!

I’ve gathered my top 10 favorite mindfulness gifts for kids that make the perfect gift this holiday season. 

Of course my Meditation for Kids Book tops my list BUTT these are other gifts to give along side the book!

1. A Breathing Ball

Breathing Balls are THE best stocking stuffer gift. Breathing balls were a HIT in all my kids mindfulness classes for kids and Ayaan loves it too. It is THE best tool to get kids practicing mindful breathing.

Perfect for kids 2+

2. Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy and his Mindful Poses book is the perfect way to get kids excited about doing yoga.

It’s a perfect gift for kids Ages 2-8.



Love Powered Co

Love Powered Little Cards from Love Powered Co is the perfect way to build positive self-talk, confidence and self-love through these beautiful I AM affirmation cards. Create the most beautiful self-love practice with your kids at bedtime with these cards.



The Mindful Moments At Bedtime Book is mine and Ayaan’s FAVORITE mindfulness book on the market. If you want to cuddle up and have a mindful end to your day, this is the perfect gift.

Ages 3+


5. Little renegades mindfulness cards

Little Renegades Mindfulness CardsThe Little Renegades mindfulness cards give super simple everyday exercises to help kids find stillness, calmness and joy these are the cards for you. If your child has a short attention span these mindfulness cards are perfect because the prompts are so short and the exercises are so engaging. Ages 3+

6. gratitude journal

Having a daily gratitude practice is something I encourage starting with kids at an early age.  Practicing gratitude is a great way to be mindful during their day.

These are a few different journals, focused on different age groups.

The Five Minute Journal is great for kids Ages 6-10.

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal is a guide to help kids Ages 7+ cultivate an attitude of gratitude for children. Each well designed and kid-friendly daily spread contains space to list out three things you are thankful for, a person who brought you joy and how you felt about your day

The Always Something To Be Grateful For journal is actually good for most ages. (Its so cute, I kind of want one for myself!)

There are blank boxes that can be used for drawing answers instead of writing, which makes it great for pre-school and kindergarten, but is also enough room in the prompts that it can be used through middle and high school ages.

7. Yoga Spinner Game

Yoga Spinner is an parent award winning fun family yoga game of flexibility and balance which strengthens the body and stimulates the mind.

Ages 5+


8. Buddha Board

Another great stocking stuffer, the mini-buddha board is the perfect gift to teach kids about patience, and that all good things change and go away. A perfect tool to put in calm down corners.

Ages 3+



 Aromatherapy is beneficial for everybody, and this diffuser makes it fun for kids. Use it to diffuse blends for calming, grounding, clarifying, immune support or sleep support. I love oils from Young Living and Doterra.

If you need help buying some contact me and I’ll point you in the direction of how you can buy them. I really like this one because it comes with several different film designs, cycles through 7 colors and has a timer. (Which is great when using it to help sleep.)


Generation Mindful Snuggle BuddyYa’ll know I’m all about the Generation Mindful tools. But I know no kid wants a Time-In Tool box for Christmas. Instead give a Snugglebuddy which is a cuddly friend that helps you start the conversation about the 4 basic emotions and feelings. Ages 2+


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