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March 16th, 2016 | 2 comments

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Ever since I was a little girl, I was a trial and error type of gal. The teenager that urged her parents to “let me learn through my mistakes”. And I always questioned what people told me to do.

I realized being skeptical when someone told me to do something was a good thing. As long as, I was open to trying new things and making an opinion AFTER I tried it out for myself.

I think it’s wise for all of us to remember that we shouldn’t blindly believe what others say. We gotta put forth a legit effort to experience things for ourselves. Because our own experience is of utmost importance on our journey.

That certainly applies to infusing mindfulness into our life too.

We all have our own unique family routine set-up. Daily chores. Kids schedules. Mealtime routines.

I’m not claiming I know how to live your life better than you. But I have some suggestions of how you can do certain things more mindfully. Don’t worry, I totally won’t get offended if you don’t take my word for it. Honestly, I want you to try it out for yourself, see how you feel and then decide if it works for you or not. But you can’t have a meaningful opinion unless you give it a go.

That’s why I’m gonna declare: no matter how skeptical you are, you gotta keep reading to learn 3 day-to-day activities (you’re already doing) that offer opportunities to be mindful.

1. Walking Up & Down Stairs

Affirmations are a great way to shift our perception and our mood quickly. Repeating a positive affirmation, while doing an activity, helps us remember the affirmation more deeply.

MINDFUL MOMENT TIP: Anytime you walk up the stairs mentally recite this mantra “I climb towards inner peace. When you’re walking down mentally recite “I calm down”. Keep repeating the mantra until you stop climbing. 

**Don’t have stairs in your home? No problem. Are there any opportunities throughout your day to take the stairs instead of elevator? This is a double win-win cause you get some added exercise + you’re giving yourself a moment to pause.

If you NEVER take stairs just do 20 standing mountain climbers (10 for the climbing up mantra and 10 for the climbing down mantra) anytime throughout your day when you need a moment to re-boot. You can do it in the kitchen, in the office, bathroom – literally anywhere

2. Washing hands/dishes

Negative thoughts don’t just go away. We have to give ourselves permission to release them. Negative thoughts are like unwanted tenants. They rent space in our mind long after their lease has ended. A wonderful way to practice releasing feelings, emotions or negative thoughts is while washing dishes.

MINDFUL MOMENT TIP: Recite this to yourselves when washing dishes “I wash away _______(fill in the blank) . Tune into how you’re feeling and give yourself permission to release any negative feeling like —frustration, anger, impatience, stress etc. (You get the idea.)

3. Feeding Children

For some mama’s mealtime, with picky eaters, can cause daily frustration and sometimes anxiety. Try taking a moment before mealtime to pause, infuse positive energy into your children’s food and connect with what mealtime is all about.

This tip isn’t necessarily going to make your children better eaters but it will give you and your children a moment to pause before they eat. A moment of stillness before mealtime creates space to be a little more patient when your children won’t eat. And when we stop to connect with food we are more appreciative that food is meant to be nourished and enjoyed. Not hurried, stuffed in the mouth and be done with. Get in tune with what kind of energy you are bringing to your children’s mealtime because I guarantee they are picking up on it.

MINDFUL MOMENT TIP: Take 3 deep breathes, place your hands over your kids food and recite out loud  3 times “Please bless this food so it makes  ________(insert childs name) happy, healthy and whole.”  Let your children watch you do this.

Side note: You can do this for kids who are as young as 6 months. I do this for my 11 month son and even if he can’t understand the words, I know when he is watching me, he is picking up on the pattern and my energy. I also do this before every meal I eat too. It helps me feel more connected and appreciative of my food.


I believe you can do anything for 7 days. Give yourself a 7 day challenge to practice and then assess how you feel.

Beginners: If the idea of practicing all these tips at once feels overwhelm, thats totally fine. Try this method instead:

  1. Select one and commit to practicing it for at least 7 days.
  2. At the end of 7 days you can continue practicing the same one or pick a new practice.

Intermediate/Advanced: If you already practice mindfulness or if you are an ambitious beginner, go ahead and infuse all 3 practices into your daily routine. **Remember its about progress not perfection.)

This is all about experimenting and finding a practice that you enjoy and making it infuse into your life. Stay curious. Don’t be so serious. And be open to experiencing something new.


Now I’d love to hear from you,

Which one of these three activities will you start infusing into a mindful moment right now?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Share as much detail as you can, because thousands of incredible mamas come here for inspiration + support. Your story may be exactly what another mama needs to get the motivation to start practicing now.

Remember, mindfulness isn’t an additional task to add-on to your to-do-list, it’s a way to pause and create space within your the daily tasks (you’re already doing).

My deepest desire is that by transforming simple moments day-in and day-out, you’ll go to sleep a little calmer, move through your life a little more peaceful and wake up each day feeling more confident than the day before.

With so much love,


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  1. I’m going to practice all 3!. My favorite mantra is blessing the food. I hope this will pass on a healthy mindset with my family, as I have struggled with guilt and shame since adolescence, with food and body image.

    • Yay Leanna! So proud of you for committing to all 3. I can completely resonate with body shame and having an unhealthy relationship with food. This practice has really helped me gain a healthy relationship with food. I enjoy my food and realize the point to eat is to nourish our body. It’s not going to make me “fat.” That was a huge aha for me. Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!! Xoxo

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