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[EP 77] Pressing The Reset Button on Money Blocks and Money Manifesation

February 24th, 2021 | no comments

Today we are talking about something we all think about>> MONEY!

We want more of it. We don’t have enough.

Alot of women have limiting beliefs and stories based on through generations that creates money blocks. And that’s what we are talking about in this episode.

Money like all things is a spiritual journey.

Today we are going to take a spiritual look at money and learn how to dismantle these negative of beliefs with my dear friend certified transformation and success coach who specializes in money manifestation and self-worth,  Michelle Dunk will talk to us all about how to heal generational trauma around money, how to shift our relationship with money so we can manifest more in our life.



Michelle Dunk is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, #1 International Best Selling Author, and Certified Transformation and Success Coach. She is the President and Founder of a unique Mentoring and Scholarship Program called In beTWEEN Girls. Her organization is a Non-Profit 501c3 Corporation dedicated to empowering the lives of TWEEN and Teen girls.

She is also the CEO of the Visionary Mentoring Group, which has a mission to bring personal and professional visions to life. Michelle has delivered powerful speeches on a variety of empowering topics at large Corporations and Events such as Comcast-spectacor Women’s Network Summit, Accenture’s Leading the NEW event, Rowan University Outstanding Leaders, and Scream your Dream LIVE event.

She has made appearances on ABC 6, Moms Every Day Ohio, and This is It TV. She has participated in countless radio, magazine and podcast interviews, and her work has been published in Philly Happening, Empower & Poised, and the Huffington Post.

Michelle holds a degree in Sociology from Rowan University and a concentration in International Studies. She has spent the past 16 years balancing motherhood with an active commitment to motivation, healing, and mentoring through her non-profit work, entrepreneurial pursuits and coaching.

Website: www.visionarymentoringgroup.com

FB Group: Self-Worth Society


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