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September 19th, 2017 | no comments

Is the need to be a perfect mama- calm, creative and collected crushing your connection with yourself and children?

I can relate. As someone with high standards and who cares deeply about being a fully involved mama with my son’s health, wellness and growth, I’m intimately familiar with the obsessive need to make sure my parenting is above par (all the time).

However, being the perfect parent means we suck up emotions of anger. It means we care more about what others think than fully tuning into our child’s needs. It’s the breeding ground for parenting dissatisfaction and disconnection.

That’s why in a world where we throw around the idea of being a peaceful parent instead of perfect one- we need to really get clear and define what that looks like.

In today’s TejalTV episode we talk about the first step towards walking the path of the peaceful mama. WARNING- your decision to take this step decides if you will take the hard road or the empowered one.

I’ll teach you my simple mantra that saves me from self-sabotage, criticism and helps me own my emotions and experiences.

This mantra will help you break down your futile pursuit of perfection and train you to walk the path of a peaceful mama.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch:

How do you give yourself permission to own your emotions and experiences?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, don’t feel shy to share your truth. Your story is healing and it deserves to be told. So many incredible mamas come here each week in search of support and insight and your story might be exactly what they need to hear.

The greatest barrier from being a fulfilled and confident mama is believing that voice in your head that says “You’re not good enough.”

So please use this mantra and free yourself from the shackles of the emotions that are challenging and harsh.

I’m truly grateful for your participation and insightful comments.

Sending you all my love,


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