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September 21st, 2018 | no comments

Yesterday a mom messaged me about how to deal with meltdowns in public.

Something we have all struggled with, right?!

I remember last year after taking Santa pictures at the mall, Ayaan had an epic meltdown because he didn’t get to spend enough time talking to Santa.

I remember pushing the strollers, all eyes were on me. And it’s hard not to feel those judgy eyes getting annoyed by the sound or worse thinking you’re not competent enough to keep your child in check.

But I didn’t fret. There was not one ounce of fear, stress or anger on my face. My voice was level and calm. And I just help space for my boy and ignored the looks.

Now I’m not always this collected, but a mom must have noticed my demeanor cause she walked right up to me in Nordstrom and said “Wow, I think it’s so amazing how calm you are. I’d be losing it if my daughter was throwing a tantrum in public.”

And then I shared my secrets with this kind stranger of what I used to help me keep my stress in check.

And today I’m sharing them with YOU.

When you are carting around little kids, a tantrum, debate, or argument can pop up anytime anywhere.

Are you prepared to not shout and keep your stress in check? This is exactly what I chatted about in this FB LIVE!

The weird things I keep in my purse to help me manage mental, emotion and physical stress on-the-go.

When I’m chronically worrying, frustrated or physically drained… I got something that helps me and fiery 3 year old. I’m not gonna lie, it was bangin’!

Moms loved it! And so will you!

Click the link below to watch the video now.

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