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November 27th, 2017 | no comments

types of stress

Chances are high if you’re a mom, you struggle with stress.

>> You feel burned out from the busyness.

>> Your kid’s relentless whining makes you snap. 

>> Or you feel depleted coz’  you don’t have time to take care of yourself.

The things that stress us out goes on and on.

And it’s challenging to experience joy, big or small when we are constantly worried, frustrated or drained.

So what do we do?

Most of the time we hope for the best and wing it.

Hoping that life will throw us a bone and life will magically feel calmer.

But… nothing changes.

Ready for a truth bomb?

How can we TRULY feel deeply satisfied with our life without experiencing peace on a daily basis?

Boom 💥!

If you know you’re living a stressful life with fleeting moments of peace, don’t fret.

You’re not alone.

Feeling clueless about how to better manage stress that blocks you from living a deeply satisfying life,  isn’t your fault.

The problem is we haven’t been shown a step-by-step solution to ditch stress (for good).

Yoga once a week, a glass of Pinot and ONLY exercise won’t cut it.

So how the heck can we truly get a handle on our stress?

Here’s the thing.

Even though there are millions of things that trigger us, there are only THREE ways our mind and body responds to stressful situations.

Yes, only three!

So the secret to better managing stress is learning how your body and mind respond when a stressor shows up.

And when you know that, you’ll finally be on the right path to learn the RIGHT tools and strategies to give you LASTING stress relief.

But more on that in next weeks blog.

Right now,  I want you to keep reading, and get pumped to learn the first step of the secret sauce to mastering stress.

Let’s uncover your unique stress pattern.

*fist pump*


First, we have the mamas who are busy bees. 

I’m not just talking about how they are always frantically rushing to complete their endless to-do-list.

Whats more these mamas are stuck in their busy heads too.

And they get easily frazzled when things don’t go according to their plans.   

You’ve met this mom before.

The one who talks fast, are constantly moving and racing around.

And also super flighty, moody and indecisive.

But indecisive to a crazy level!

They over-analyze pointless situations and repeat conversations over and over in their head. 

Most of the time they live in past guilt or are worrying about every worst-case scenario.

Because they waste so much energy thinking, they feel mentally and physically burned out by the end of the day.

And worse, because they are easily distracted and it’s hard for them to tune into simple moments and be present with their loved ones.

So here’s what happens to their body when a fearful thought, emotion or unexpected situation triggers their stress response.

Their mind starts moving faster than their bodies, they start rushing which causes them to disconnect from the present moment.

When their mind gets foggy, they get edgy and start racing from one thing to the next.  (kinda like a chicken with its head cut off).

That’s when the anxiety kicks in and their mind goes haywire.

We all feel like this time to time living in a high-paced, frantic and rushing society.

Most of us are busy multi-tasking and find it difficult to stay centered.

But these moms automatic stress response is panic, anxiety and eventually burnout. 

RED FLAGS OF IMBALANCE: They are prone to nervous system issues when their body is off balance.

They feel anxiety, nervousness, chronic overthinking and panic attacks.


  1. FEEL SAFE + GROUNDED– This is the MOST important practice for these mamas. Feeling grounded in their body and getting out of their mind is the first step to feeling relief. These mamas should practice grounding tools every morning to ground themselves before they start their day. I’ve struggled with this from childhood so you can find some of my fav quick grounding tools here.
  2. SLOW DOWN– These mamas really have to keep their mind in check by focusing on one task at a time. To help you stay present, infuse 1-3 reset moments throughout the day where you check in to see if you’re feeling overwhelemed.  If you do feel overwhelmed, practice my mindfulness tool to help you stop overthinking and get present in just 30 secs or less. Here is my go-to tool.
  3. EVENING MEDITATION – It’s easy for these moms to carry anxiety from one day to the next. It’s crucial for these moms to still their mind for at least 3-5 minutes before bed so their worrying doesn’t affect their sleep. Meditation is THE MOST powerful tool to help anxious mamas to settle their mind, stop rushing and prevent mental burnout.  If you’re new to meditation, here is a great beginners practice.


Then we have the mamas whose life is one giant to-do-list.

When she feels overworked, watch out… She’ll SNAP!!

This mama is impatient, short-tempered and releases stress through anger and harsh words.

I know we all have our moments, but these moms automatic response to stress is screaming.

When things don’t go her way, take too long or don’t live up to her expectation, that’s when she gets agitated.

That’s coz’ she has very high standards for herself and others.

But on the real, these moms have organized minds, work on a schedule and they are madd productive.

She likes to be in control, hates to ask for help (cause that’s a sign of weakness) or delegating (coz’ others won’t do it as well as her). 

Are you thinking ‘Type A’ peeps?! Heck Ya!!

When they feel stressed for time or have a lot on their plate, rather than slow down, they take on MORE.

Their need to achieve, produce and constantly be busy can be addictive. 

So these mamas need to learn that self-care and rest are just as important as productivity. 

But most importantly, the thing that makes this mom feel deeply dissatisfied is the guilt of what she says and how she acts in moments of anger and rage.

These mamas need to infuse scheduled mindful resets throughout everyday moments to keep stress controlled before she blows-up.

Many of us experience pent-up tension on an everyday basis, bursts of anger, impatience or road rage.

You feel the tension come over your and you erupt in a rude comment or harsh tone you didn’t mean.

We all yell sometimes when we are pushed to our limit.

But these moms are snapping at even the smallest annoyances because their body is constantly wired to be in fight-or-flight mode.

These mamas need rest, relaxation and mindfulness practice pronto!

RED FLAGS OF IMBALANCE: These mamas know their body is imbalanced when they have acidity, acne, heart issues and can suffer from adrenal fatigue.


  1. DUMP OUT STRESS- these mamas NEED movement to release stress and inner fire.  Exercise is important but knowing how to quickly dump tension and stressful energy in the moment is KEY for these moms so stress doesn’t accumulate and later cause an outburst. Learn how to dump stress in just 3 minutes or less right here.  
  2. KEEP A COOL MIND – the biggest mistake this mama makes is NOT training their mind to feel safe when they are triggered in the moment. Exercise is only half the battle. They stay stuck in their anger patterns because they haven’t learned to pause and feel safe when they are about to stay something harsh.  Here are some great anger management tools. 
  3. MEDITATION- Because these moms have a strong mastery of their mind, they can become really good at meditation. And it will significantly help with better responding to stressful situations.


The last stress pattern:  mamas who are so busy making sure everyone else is taken care of they forget to take care of themselves.

By nature, these mamas are peaceful, patient and easy-going so they are natural caregivers.

They are the moms who’ll definitely put their oxygen mask on last in the event of a disaster. 

They listen to others problems but have a hard time voicing their own.

Even though they have a smile on their face, they harbor a deep sadness inside. 

These mamas feel like they have to be the there to support others but have no one to take care of them.

And since they don’t want to burden others, they don’t ask for help or support. 

They feel guilty prioritizing themselves and tend to isolate themselves and hold on to the grief, pain, and sadness.

When these moms feel stressed, they shut down, avoid responsibilities, and feel lazy and lethargic.  

These moms need small doses of self-love practice every day so feel worthy and stress doesn’t accumulate. 

We all may have undergone a time when we felt these blues.

Nothing excited us anymore so we just wanted to stay in bed and just turn our back on the world. It’s normal to go through periods like this.

However, it’s important to bounce back by stimulating and moving your mind and body.

Some mamas who have felt this way their entire lives.

They don’t know what it feels like to wake up in the morning bustling with energy because they always carry around heaviness.

RED FLAGS OF IMBALANCE: These mamas know their mind and body is out of balance when they feel depressed, emotionally heavy and have weight gain problems. 


  1. FEEL SAFE TO TRY NEW THINGS– These mamas need safety mindfulness tools to find the courage to get out of their comfort zone to make healthier choices. It’s beneficial for them to learn how to feel their emotions in the moment and find relief. Learn this simple way to Release Stress in 90 seconds or less. 
  2. DUMP OUT STRESS – dumping out tension, emotional pain and stress daily is a must! These mamas LITERALLY need to shake out and move their body to release negative energy.
  3. RECLAIM POWER: PRACTICE FORGIVENESS– These mamas hold on to little things from the past. They never forget. These mamas need to reclaim their power by learning how to let go. This will help you get started today. 

Sooo enlightening right?

You might feel you identify with all three types of stress at different times of your life, but get clear what your current response to stress is. 

Since our stress responses can change, it’s crucial to have a big ole’ toolbox of stress management and mindfulness tools when you’re in a bind.

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