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Meditation for Kids is THE go-to parenting manual that will give you all the tools to teach the youngest of kids (Ages 4-8) how they can manage big emotions, ease anxiety, and stay focused with simple, kid-friendly mediations.

The 40 family-friendly meditation activities, inspired by some of the greatest yogic teachings and mindful parenting practices, will help children combat the most common problems they face on a daily basis—distraction, anger, disappointment, jealousy, and low self-esteem.

This is A MUST-HAVE BOOK for any parent who wants to raise mindful, stress-resilient and emotionally balanced kids.

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May 9th at 1PM EST | 11AM PST

National ONLINE Book Launch Event

Since we can’t come together in person right now because of the Coronavirus, join me for a LIVE national online book launch event!

I’m excited to virtually inspire you and answer all your burning questions and clear up any skepticism around teaching meditation to kids.

It’s more essential than EVER that our kids have the tools to handle fear, anxiety and worry that comes with the uncertain times we live in. Meditation will help them do that. 

Upcoming Events

AUG 15TH OR NOV 7TH, 2020

Book Signing & Launch Party • NYC/NJ

Join us for an incredibly inspiring afternoon with author Tejal V Patel who will lead us in a powerful group meditation, followed by a Q&A talk moderated by former CNN international anchor and host of That’s Total Momsense Podcast Kanika Chaddha Gupta, followed by meet and mingle book signing hour.


Book Signing & Launch Party • OC, CA

Join us for an inspiring conversation with author Tejal V Patel who will lead a powerful group meditation, followed by a Q&A talk moderated by celebrity parenting expert and host of the Parentology talk show Reena B. Patel and ending with an intimate meet and mingle book signing hour.

Author – Speaker – Advocate


A former divorce attorney turned yoga, mindfulness and meditation advocate for moms and kids, Tejal’s driving passion is “What if all children know how to meditate at a young age?

How will it change their life?

How will it change the world?

Tejal has dedicated the last decade of her life educating children, teachers and parents how to infuse yoga, mindfulness and meditation into homes and classrooms.

She is a speaker, writer, and host of The Time-In Talks podcast. She and her family live in South Jersey.

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“This book is a priceless tool for parents, educators, and children’s caregivers to bridge the new research on the benefits of meditation and the growing concerns over mental health among young children. Fun, creative, simple, and timely, Meditation for Kids offers meditation practices for children with different personality types and emotional needs. One of the hardest things for parents is to teach their kids to meditate. This is a true global well-being offering to instill mindfulness and raise consciousness as a way of life for our children.”

Roma Khetarpal

Mindfulness Educator, Founder of Tools of Growth, Author of the award winning book, The “Perfect” Parent,

“A practical and valuable tool for both parents and kids. Tejal has created a wonderfully crafted roadmap for parents to introduce the power of meditation to their children.” 

Mallika Chopra,

Top-selling author of five books focusing on meditation and inspiration including "Just Feel" and "Just Breathe", Daughter of Dr. Deepak Chopra

“The best gifts we can offer our children are to teach them mindfulness, self-awareness, kindness, emotion regulation, and focus. Tejal masterfully brings these skills to life with simple, playful practices your kids will adore. Meditation for Kids is a must-have for every parent with little ones.

Shonda Moralis, MSW, LCSW

Author of Breathe, Mama, Breathe, psychotherapist and women's mindful empowerment coach

“In a time when children have access to constant stimulation, it is more important than ever to teach them how to quiet their mind and find their inner power. In this beautiful book, Tejal V. Patel, walks children through the ins and outs of meditation flawlessly in a way that both parents and children can learn together.”

Kate Butler

Best-Selling Author of Kate Butler Books and More Than Mud Series

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Join me in raising the first generation of mindful, meditating children by sharing pics of your kids practicing the meditations in this book. Tag me on Instagram @tejalvpatel with the hashtag #kidsCANmeditate.