Someone who possesses an authentic “realness” that is felt through her smile and radiant energetic presence?

A captivating speaker who infuses the audience with positive energy, gets moms motivated and lights up a room?

Then you need to invite Tejal to speak at your next moms conference, panel discussion, parenting workshop or wellness retreat.

Tejal’s inspiring yet humorous and conversational speaking style makes her relatable to modern parents and sets her apart from the traditional self-help crowd.



Tejal V Patel is a dynamic, motivational speaker with a down-to-earth style that leaves you feeling her vulnerability, deep passion, and genuine kindness.

She gives her audience major “aha moments” by unapologetically sharing her truth and giving you a new perspective on shifting the challenges in your life.

Whether in front of an audience of 200 modern parents looking to raise mindful children, 75 school teachers trying to infuse mindfulness into their classrooms or a small group of moms eager to teach meditation to their kids, it’s Tejal’s mission to positively impact others so they walk away feeling lighter and inspired to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their families life.

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14394888_0131NamaSLAY your Stress MOMster

PURPOSE OF SPEECH: This powerfully motivating speech will help stressed-out mamas stop shouting and stay mindful during tough parenting moments.

Have you ever said, or done something when you were stressed out that you later regretted?

Tejal has definitely come face-to-face with her Stress MOMster. She openly shares her story of gut-wrenching guilt of being a mom who was practicing meditation and mindfulness everyday but was faced with the confusion conundrum:

Why am I able to stay calm and patient with my kids sometimes and other times I immediately lose my cool (even if I meditated in the morning)?

Tejal’s incessant desire to seek answers and learn from her mistakes led her on the path to discover Ayurveda which holds the secrets of living a stress-free life that modern medicine have not discovered.

In this informative speech, Tejal shares bit-sized Ayurvedic, Yogic and Meditation truth bombs to help moms Namaslay stress in the modern world.

“NamaSLAY Your Stress MOMster is Tejal’s ModZen Mama life philosophy that mixes ancient wisdom and marrying it with the empowering modern mindset of “I can kick stress’s butt so it no longer messes with me being the most present, patient and peaceful I wanna be” attitude.

In this presentation, mamas will take-away valuable wisdom on:

  • Why the generic “just take 3 deep breaths when you’re stressed” advice we’ve heard a million times is misleadingAF and why stress-relief practices can’t be one-size-fits-all.
  • Why we need to stop trying to “manage” stress and how to build long-term stress-resilience instead.
  • What your unique Ayurvedic stress-type and demonstration of the right stress-relief tools for you 

Listeners will release mom guilt and feel deeply empowered as they walk away with doable stress-resilience practices they can infuse into their life right away.

Targeted towards moms, grandmothers and/or primary caregivers of children.

Type of event: mom conferences, mom empowerment workshops, wellness retreats

* Includes a 10 minute experiential meditation portion- No previous mediation, mindfulness or yoga experience needed


PURPOSE OF SPEECH: This presentation will help empower parents to learn how to teach their child to handle unhappiness and life challenges.

What is the greatest desire you have for your children? To be happy?

As someone with personal experience of going through an emotional breakdown at 26 and a child who was never taught how to handle tough emotions like anger, how to cope with the pain or disappointment when life doesn’t give you what you want, Tejal had to learn the hard way, all by herself, as an adult.

As someone who has went on a spiritual path in her 20’s, left her career as a divorce attorney to become a certified kids yoga and meditation teacher Tejal learned that as parents and educators it not our job to raise kids who are always happy.

It’s our responsibility to raise children who know how to handle unhappiness. In this presentation Tejal passionately shares how to help the next generation handle feelings of worry, disappointment and anger that we ALL face.

In this experiential session, Tejal will lead the audience through her proven “3 Step Stress Relief Strategy” to help children cope with anxiety, anger and sadness when they feel stressed. Participants will learn age-appropriate tools to help children better manage stress through mindfulness and movement.

Tejal will share time-tested and proven ancient Ayurveda and yogic wisdom to help educators and students clear mental fog, build patience and naturally boost energy in 3 minutes or less. 

By the end of the workshop: 

  • You’ll have a roadmap of how to effortlessly infuse this stress-relief mindfulness practice into your home or. classrooms. 
  • You’ll know your unique stress type and learn how to quickly determine your students stress type.
  • You’ll feel confident to practice these tools with your children.

Targeted towards parents, primary caregivers, school educators (Pre-K to Grade 5)

Type of event: parenting conferences, mom conferences or workshops, Yoga and Mindfulness training in schools, Wellness workshops, school workshops

Inspired by The Mindful Kids Masterclass course


KIDS CAN meditate

PURPOSE OF SPEECH: This presentation will inspire parents and educators to believe they can plant the seeds of meditation in the lives of our youth and learn how to do it.

The Dalai Lama said, “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

What if all children knew how to mediate? How would it change their life? How would it change the world?

But my kid can’t meditate because they have a short attention span, endless energy and rarely sits still. Ahh the meditation myths.

If young children can be taught the ABC’s, learn that we brush our teeth twice a day and we shower to keep our body clean, there is no reason why children can’t learn that we brush our brain to keep it clean by meditating.

Drawing on a decade of experience of planting the seeds of meditation in kids age 3-8 as well as her own sons, Tejal busts open the misconceptions that children can’t meditate and we can’t teach meditation to our kids unless we are experts first.

In contrast to these wide-spread beliefs, Tejal breaks down:

  • How to introduce meditation to children (ages 2-8) in a way that is playful and engaging.
  • How to teach children the “art of concentration”.
  • Why young children under 8 is the prime time to teach meditation to kids. 

The talk will inspire parents, caretaker and educators to join the #kidsCANmeditate moment to raise the first generation of mindful children and the next generation of peace leaders.

Targeted towards parents and caregivers of kids (ages 2-8), school educators (Pre-K to Grade 5)

Type of event: parenting conferences, mom conferences or workshops, wellness workshops, panel discussions, retreats, school workshops, panel discussion

Inspired by Tejal’s book Meditation for Kids: 40 Activities to Stay Present, Improve Concentration and Manage Difficult Emotions

* Includes a 10 minute experiential meditation portion- No previous mediation, mindfulness or yoga experience needed


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